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Stainless Steel

Cleaning up is easy with a SAMSUNG electric range. It comes with SteamQuick™ which lets you wipe the oven clean in just 20 minutes. Plus, the 3-fan convection system cooks food more evenly making this range great for baking and broiling. Hosting a party? it includes five fast-heating burners ─ one triple burner, one dual burner and 5.7 cubic feet of oven space.
even cooking performance
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Tired of waiting for food to cook only to get less than perfect results? This SAMSUNG range delivers faster, more even cooking so you enjoy delicious meals. SAMSUNG’s Surround Airvection™ 3-fan true convection cooking system combines a true convection oven with a multi-fan system to circulate heat evenly throughout the oven. The on & off-fan control also keeps the temperature perfect for exceptional cooking results.
bigger capacity
The FTQ386LWUX’s 5.7 cu.ft. capacity is one of the largest on the market and is spacious enough to fit that holiday meal you may be planning.
warming drawer with handle
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The built-in warming drawer has three convenient settings and can be used for storage when you’re not keeping things hot. The stainless handle adds both beauty and convenience.
rapid steam cleaning
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Just pour 10 ounces of tap water into the Samsung oven, close the door and press the “Steam Clean” button. 20 minutes later, simply wipe the oven clean! No high heat, no bad smell, no waiting for hours – SteamQuick™ is the fast, easy and energy efficient way to keep your oven clean all the time.
5 burner ceramic glass cooktop
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This SAMSUNG range comes with a beautiful, easy to maintain ceramic cooktop with the flexibility of 5 burners – including a triple burner, a dual burner and a warming center.

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