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Covers Up Spray


COVERS UP™ Stain Sealing Ceiling Paint is a low odor vertical aerosol that is a stain killer and ceiling touch-up paint in one. ZINSSER’s stain blocking primer technology is incorporated into this new generation product that offers a flat white finish which matches most new acoustical ceiling tiles and white ceiling paints.

COVERS UP is a great stain blocking primer for any ceiling surface. It’s the perfect “touch up” paint when you don’t want to repaint the entire ceiling due to spot damage. One coat of COVERS UP permanently blocks and seals most common ceiling stains – stains from water, nicotine, smoke, graffiti – and more.

Its convenient vertical spray tip and low odor, high-hide formula also make COVERS UP ideal for priming or touching up other common overhead surfaces, including crown moldings, light fixtures, HVAC ductwork, vents, valances and overhead pipes. The full 13-ounce aerosol is designed to meet the demands of professional and larger home improvement projects.

COVERS UP’s non-yellowing oil-base formula dries in just 30 minutes and can be applied under or over any oil-base or water-base topcoat. When used as a primer COVERS UP can be top coated with a ceiling paint in just two hours.

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