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DuraStain - Natural Redwood 5 Gal


Use to beautify and protect new or weathered wood from UV graying, mildew growth and structural damage caused by water absorption.
Two coats provide solid hide coverage and deep color pigmentation for maximum fade resistance and color retention. Resists fading longer than other stain types; requires least frequent maintenance. Ideal for wood exposed to severe sun and temperature extremes.

Product Type:

Water Base, 100% Acrylic, fortified with Polyurethane.

Key Features:

5 Yrs on Decks,
15 Yrs on Siding to:
- Prevent UV Graying,
- Prevent Water Damage, and
- Resist Peeling and Blistering.
Opaque coverage, matte finish:
- Beautifies new wood and renews weathered wood.
- Enhances wood texture.
- Maximizes color retention and reduces maintenance.
Tint bases allow for creation of popular deck stain colors and unlimited number of custom siding and trim shades.
100% acrylic formula boosted with polyurethane helps optimize adhesion and long term wear.
Durable, scuff and scrape-resistant finish withstands heavy foot traffic and furniture abrasion.
Formulated to weather slowly over time without cracking or peeling.
Long term water repellency minimizes wood cracking, checking, splitting, warping.
Mildew-resistant coating film keeps surface free of ugly mildew stains.
Self-priming, two coat coverage delivers solid-hide opacity, even over previously stained, weathered wood.
Easy to use: brush, roll or spray on, soap and water clean up.

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